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It's time to get your glow on!

You deserve to feel happy, healthy, and full of light. 


Have you ever looked at someone and thought, “wow, they’re glowing!” or felt someone’s presence and energy radiating throughout the room? Those people always seem to be so magnetic, right? That “glow” doesn't just come from our physical appearance, but our inner state, as well! In order to shine bright on the outside, we need to take care of ourselves on the inside through proper nutrition, mindfulness, and self-love. Or as we like to say, you have to get your glow on from the inside out!

The Glow Squad is a community created for women, by women, dedicated to helping others find their glow. All members of the Glow Squad are affectionately referred to as our Glow Getters. As a Glow Getter, you will have access to live, instructor-led workouts, monthly health and wellness workshops, on-demand recordings of the workouts and workshops, exclusive members-only events, and more. 

Glow Squad Membership

Fitness Class

Live Workouts

Workouts should be challenging, dynamic, and fun! Break a sweat and get your endorphins pumping with our live, instructor-led workouts. Each workout is designed to build strength, burn fat, and sculpt your body while boosting your confidence. Join from the comfort of your own home via Zoom or in-person at our outdoor bootcamps. Class schedules are updated monthly and include a variety of 45-minute bootcamps (Full Body Fit, Butts & Guts, Cardio & Core, Barre Babes, Boxing HIIT), 30-minute stretch sessions, and mindfulness meditations. 

On-Demand Video

Can't make it to our live workouts? Try out our on-demand membership and receive unlimited access to our workout recordings. New videos are uploaded after each class and sent to everyone with an active on-demand or unlimited membership. On-demand Glow Getters also have access to our monthly group workshops. 

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Monthly Workshops

Here at the Glow Squad we take a holistic approach to health and wellness. Your health is defined by so much more than consistent workouts and a clean diet. In order to truly glow, we must first acknowledge that our relationships, career, spirituality, and daily habits all contribute to our overall health. To better address these areas, we provide our community with a monthly group workshop led by Coach Erica. We touch on a new topic each month, share stories and answer questions around the topic, and practice mindfulness through guided group meditation and breath work. 

Move right. Think better. Eat smart.

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